What wedding services do you offer?

Every couple is unique, and your wedding ceremony should reflect you! I am happy to provide custom wedding ceremonies, personalized wedding ceremonies, elopements, brief ceremonies with simple vows, and marriage license signing to couples of all faiths (or none) and all people who wish to be married to each other (including same-sex couples; I’m very LGBTQ friendly – Love is love!)

If you hire me to be your officiant, my services include the following:

  • two meetings (in person or by Skype or Facetime if preferred by the couple)
  • unlimited phone and email consultations
  • optional relationship survey and premarital counseling session
  • writing and editing custom ceremony that’s as unique as you are
  • research into readings and rituals that will be part of your ceremony
  • run your wedding rehearsal (if desired)
  • conduct ceremony
  • file your signed wedding license when the ceremony is complete

What are your fees, and what type of payments do you accept?

$400 includes all of the above. That’s the Premium Package.

The Basic Plus Relationship Survey Package includes everything above without a rehearsal. That’s $325.

The Basic Package includes one meeting, no rehearsal, no Relationship Survey. That’s $300.

A 50% retainer fee is due upon booking, and the remainder due at the rehearsal or wedding, (whichever comes first).

I accept cash, check, or PayPal. Credit card payments are also an option if needed.

What is the process for working with you?

At our first meeting, I will bring a detailed, personalized packet with an agenda of guided questions and sample readings. We discuss every part of the wedding ceremony, your wishes, and start to craft your ceremony together.

Afterward, our discussion and the notes from our conversations guide me in preparing an outline of your ceremony. We email back and forth about the “TBD” (to be decided) items, until everything is finalized.

You have the option of completing a Relationship Survey online, separately, which will help outline any areas of your relationship that could be strengthened. If you select this option, I’ll discuss those aspects with you at our second meeting. This has been known to be very helpful. The content of the Relationship Survey that I compiled is derived from many premarital counseling sources, including the famous The Five Love Languages book.

We usually meet a second time to go over any lingering details and the results of your Relationship Survey (if you chose that option).

Then, I craft a final script of the ceremony and conduct the rehearsal (if desired) so that everyone feels comfortable and confident.

After that, I’ll see you at the ceremony!

Where do you officiate weddings?

All over! I am a licensed wedding officiant in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, as well as Ohio.

I’ll officiate weddings indoors, outdoors, casual, fancy, fun-themed, or anything in between.

If you’re outside of the area and would like me to officiate, or you have a destination wedding in mind, just ask. I’m willing to travel!

Can you do an elopement or a quick “make-it-legal” ceremony?

Yes, I’m happy to. I know the Justice of the Peace gets booked up, and I’m often available on short notice. Give me a call or text me so we can discuss when and where. 240-780-8444.

If you meet me in my office in Gaithersburg, the fee is $100. For other locations, the fee may be adjusted.

Will you conduct wedding rehearsals, and are they included?

Yes, absolutely. They’re included in the Premium Package.

Can we interview you before deciding to hire you?

What a great idea! Let’s get to know each other so we are sure we’re the best fit. Contact me to set up a time to talk. We can arrange an interview in person, via Skype, Facetime, or on the phone.

If desired, I can provide references.

What other services do you offer?

You may hire me to officiate your destination wedding, vow renewal, baby welcoming ceremony, adoption ceremony, and lend support by officiating memorial ceremonies and funerals as needed.

Are you available on short notice?

Often, yes. Please call me at 240-780-8444.

Is it customary to tip a wedding officiant?

Officiating weddings is a service profession. Therefore, tips are a way of expressing a compliment for an exceptional job. While not expected, if you give me a tip, I know that you’re impressed with the way I’ve worked with you – and I strive to offer the very best, because I recognize the honor and responsibility you’ve given me to be the officiant for your singular wedding!

What do you wear for the ceremony?

Usually, a blouse, colorful scarf, blazer and black slacks. See the photo gallery on my website. That said, I am open to special requests.

Do you have a location if we don’t have one?

YES! I now have an office in Gaithersburg, Maryland, for small weddings (6 people max including the couple) on short notice. If you only want the bare minimum, that’s fine too! We can meet in my office for a short, quiet meeting together for the legalities and sweet simple vow exchange.

My office address is 615 South Frederick Ave., Suite 310-A, Gaithersburg, MD 20877. By appointment only please – I don’t take “drop ins.”

I also know a nice public outdoor location that’s free and available on a beautiful day.

What if I have other questions?

Contact me! I’m happy to answer them!