Quick Wedding with License Signing

Do you just need someone to help you get married quickly and legally? I offer this service!

What to expect:

We meet in my office in Gaithersburg. This is usually casual in terms of dress. No witnesses are needed. Both members of the couple getting married must be present.

Due to Coronavirus precautions, no guests permitted. My office is small and cozy. It is not a “wedding venue.”

We have a 30 minute time slot.

About Your Wedding License:

You must have gotten your wedding license from Montgomery County (Circuit Court is in Rockville). I cannot sign a license in my office if it is from outside Montgomery County. The date on the license must be legal. There is a 48 hour waiting period after getting your license before it can be signed. You need to have it with you.

My fee is $200 cash. (Cash only please.)

What will happen:
I will conduct a sweet and short wedding ceremony which will include some love-centered readings, wedding vows (to make it legal), and a ring ceremony if you wish to exchange rings.

I will sign your wedding license. You will have the option of taking it back to the Circuit Court yourself within five business days, or I am happy to mail it for you the same day.

We can take a picture together if you’d like. You can also take a few pictures together.

How to Make an Appointment:
Ready to schedule?
If you are ready, understand the terms above, and want to schedule a time for this service, click here to go to my scheduler and book a time! It’s that easy!

Have questions? Call or text me at 240-780-8444 or use my contact form.

For questions about a quick wedding outside Montgomery County, or at a different location, please contact me. A travel fee will apply.